welcome to my silly life...
welcome to my silly life...
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or whatever else amuses me...

Be warned, I am a total Darren Criss/Starkid fangirl and gleek.

Yes, I am a total gleek as you can see. But before you ask me why I love this show, you should watch this video and then get back to me.

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Disney Survey

1. Have you ever been to any Disney park?
- All of them @ Florida and to Disney California Adventure.
2. Which Disney park is your favorite?
- Disney's Hollywood Studios.
3. Why?
- Because it has the best show!!! And it has Rock-n-Roller Coaster.
4. Best Themed Park?
- Disney's Animal Kingdom!
5. Favorite Nighttime Parade?
- SpectroMagic!
6. Favorite Special Event Parade?
-Very Merry Christmas Parade....LOVE IT!
7. Favorite Nighttime Spectacular?
- FANTASMIC...it's why I love Disney's Hollywood Studios so much!
8. If you had to choose, Space Mt. or Big Thunder?
- Space Mountain!
9. If you had to choose, Haunted Mansion or Pirates?
- Pirate!! Yo-ho!
10. Favorite Fireworks Show?
- IllumiNations!
11. Favorite Daytime Parade?
- Mickey's Jammin Jungle!
12. What is your favorite ride or attraction at a Disney park?
- [MK→Pirates of the Caribbean] [Epcot→Soaring] [DHS→Rock-n-Roller Coaster] [DAK→Congo River Rapids]
13. How many times have you been to a Disney Park?
- 14...I think
14. How old are you?
- 21
15. How old do you act while you are at Disney?
- Like I'm 5 years old lol.
16. Best restaurant?
- Via Napoli @ EPCOT.
17. What is your favorite Disney resort?
- Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.
18. Ever seen a celebrity at WDW?
- Other than the characters, no.
19. Complete the sentence "If WDW ever ______________ I would never go again."
- "Close"..it's the only way I would stop going.
20. If you could bring back any ride what would you resurrect?
- IDK...
21. Which country from Epcot is your favorite?
- Mexico!
22. What in-park snack are you thinking of right now?
- A classic! The Mickey-shaped Ice Cream!
23. If you could refurb one ride to your specs which would you choose?
- I would totally change Stitch’s Great Scape (I hate it!).
24. What's the most expensive Disney souvenir you've ever brought home?
- A crystal figure from Mexico @ Epcot!
25. Do you have a favorite side on Space Mountain?
- No.
26. Favorite place to go in Downtown Disney?
-Ghirardelis, World of Disney, Tren-D and, of course, Cirque du Soleil!
27. Favorite place to eat in Downtown Disney?
- El Pollo Campero!
28. Do you celebrate any holidays at a Disney park as a tradition?
- No...only once in 2000-2001 I celebrated New Years.
29. If the world were going to end, would you want to be at a Disney park?
- Duh!
30. What is your favorite live-action Disney film?
- Do you really think I can choose?
31. What is your favorite animated Disney film?
- Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Toy Story & Aladdin.
32. Do you prefer musical or non-musical Disney films?
- Musical!
33. Do you prefer Disney or Pixar films?
-I love Pixar, but Classic Disney movies are good too.
34. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
- Ariel & Jasmine!
35. If you had a crush on a Disney character, who would it be?
- Flynn Rider from Tangled!
36. Of the Fab 5, who's your favorite?
- Donald Duck!!
37. Which Winnie-the-Pooh character is your favorite?
- Tigger! I have always loved his energy!
38. Who is your favorite Disney villain?
- Ursula & Maleficent...I find them fabulous!
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